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Qasim Tariq 11-12-2019O/A Level

Welcome to O/A Level Zone!
Educatedzone has started providing O-Level and AS/A-Level Past Papers for the help of O/A Level students. We are going to provide a vast collection of papers of different subjects. At the moment we are providing a few subjects of Cambidge and Edexcel. The Papers are in pdf format which you can easily watch or download. To watch online these papers, there must be a pdf viewer installed on your device. Here is the list of the content that you desire.

Cambridge Edexcel Coming Soon !

(IGCSE) O-Level Subjects



AS/A-Level Subjects



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Education in Pakistan

In Pakistan and some other countries, after the basic study in schools upto Matriculation (Grade 9 & Grade 10), the students spend two years for higher secondary education in different colleges. Grade 11 is the first year of a student in a college while Grade 12 is the second and final year.
We provide the following courses of intermediate classes:
Pre Medical - in which Physics, Chemistry and Biology are the main subjects.
Pre Engineering - in which Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics are the main subjects.
Other field are:
Home economics, Commerce, Arts, General Sciences, Humanities, etc.
Islamyat/Pak Studies, English and Urdu are Compulsory subjects for all classes upto graduation level.

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