Qasim Tariq 11-01-2020Notes

After studying this unit, the students will be able to:

  • describe using examples how objects can be at rest and in motion simultaneously.
  • identify different types of motion i.e. translator/, (linear, random, and circular); rotatory and vibratory motions and distinguish among them.
  • differentiate with examples between distance and displacement, speed and velocity.
  • differentiate with examples between scalar and vector quantities.
  • represent vector quantities by drawing. define the terms speed, velocity and acceleration.
  • plot and interpret distance-time graph and speed-time graph.
  • determine and interpret the slope of distancetime and speed-time graph. determine from the shape of the graph, the state of a body
    i. at rest
    ii. moving with constant speed
    iii. moving with variable speed.
  • calculate the area under speed-time graph to determine the distance travelled by the moving body.
  • derive equations of motion for a body moving with uniform acceleration in a straight line using graph.
  • solve problems related to uniformly accelerated motion using appropriate equations.
  • solve problems related to freely falling bodies using 10 ms^-2 as the acceleration due to gravity.

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