Chapter 1 - Measurements
Physics (11th Class) MCQs Test

Qasim Tariq 11-04-2018Quiz

Instructions: Please click on the right option and choose your answer. If the answer is right, it will turn green and if the answer is wrong, it will turn red. After clicking all the questions, you can easily assess your preparation for exam.

Q1. Which of following is not a discipline of Physical Sciences?

Q2. The study of molecules is done in which frontier of fundamental sciences:

Q3. Which of following belongs to interdisciplinary area of physics?

Q4. The ratio of diameter of nucleus to diameter of atom is:

Q5. Which one is not the principal characteristic of an ideal standard?

Q6. How many kinds of units are there in SI-Unit system?

Q7. Which one is the biggest unit of plane angle?

Q8. The angle subtended at the centre of football by an area of its surface equal to one forth of total area will be:

Q9. Which of following are base units of power?

Q10. Out of following which have same power in base units of viscosity and spring constant?

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